General sale conditions

Transaction validity

Our catalogues, specifications, documents do not constitute a firm sale offer, the elements they contain are given for information only, without commitment.

Our prices are exclusive of VAT, EX-WORKS, machines unpacked available while stocks last, document not under contract.

Any order is available only on condition that it is accepted and after payment of the first term by the buyer to the conditions agreed.

We refund the difference- conditions of refund:

If you find a cheaper price somewhere else in France, we refund the difference. France Machines Outils permanently controls its prices to offer you the cheapest price. If you find the same product elsewhere (same manufacturer, same brand, same type, same capacity, same equipments) we refund the difference to you on written request with written proof and after our teams have proceeded to verifications. This offer is available for one month time, from the date of the invoice, for identical machine and services.


Our new machines are guarantied one year parts and labour, in our workshops. Our guaranty provisions do not cover neither hours nor costs of travelling. Our conditions of return of machines under guaranty imply delivery to our warehouses. Customer is in charge of the costs and risks of transport of faulty parts and of the parts sent back in exchange or after repairing.

The guaranty does not apply to repairing of damages resulting from a cause exterior to the machine (for example: an accident, an impact, lightning, storm, fluctuation of current…), a usage, a plugging, or a use not conform to the specifications or prescriptions of the manufacturer, of a use injurious to the good preservation of the apparatus. The guaranty does not apply to the machines that have been badly maintained, the motors and electrical equipments that are protected from over intensity. It does not either cover classical wearing out of materials, nor modifications, substitutions of parts, adjustments, repairing, etc…that have been made by staff or under conditions not approved by France Machines Outils.

In order to benefit from the guaranty, the buyer must inform the salesman, without time limit and in writing, of the defects he attributes to the machine and give all the justifications to prove their existing reality. As for numerical controllers, guaranty does not apply for damages resulting from a modification of program or of parametering of data, or from a faulty software or a bad programming.

On no account can our responsibility be substituted to that of the manufacturer for the manufacturing faults and their eventual consequences.

The telephone service available everyday from 8H to 16H30 enables to resolve a major part of the problems without necessitating systematically the return of the machine in our warehouses.

Term of delivery

We try our best to meet the terms of delivery given to the customers, but a delay can in no way justify cancellation of an order, nor can we be held responsible in any way.


Machines and materials are tried and received by the customer in good working order and conform to hygiene and safety rules in use before collection, or considered as such.

Any contesting concerning the condition, the repairing made on a machine or on the surrounding tooling, will on no account be taken into consideration after leaving our warehouses.

Our obligation to deliver a machine becomes effective only after the price is paid, except in case of special conditions. The transfer of property of machines and material sold is postponed to the total payment of the price according to the law of 12 May 1980. In case of a resale or transformations of machines and materials delivered, their resale and transformation,according to the article 66 of the law of 13 July 1967 about liquidation, confers to us the right to claim the price or part of the price of our unpaid goods. The buyer will be in charge of keeping the object as early as its delivery. He will meet the risks and will have to insure the good by a company notoriously creditworthy.

Our invoices are payable in Leers, Aubervilliers, Vaux en velin, Wittelsheim, net and without discount whatever the mode of payment. In case we accept a differed treatment, payment in full will be entitled to benefit from 0.5% discount per month. In case of delayed payment, the invoice will be increased of an interest equal to the rate of bank basis plus 2 points


All our machines, even sold in France, travel at the consignee’s own risks. Any issue concerning transport can on no account delay the payment.


In case of a contesting, the court of the salesman’s place is the only one to have the jurisdiction to give the verdict. The prices we give are available only with the application of above conditions. The fact of placing an order cancels, as one’s right, the buying conditions of the buyer in favour of our sales conditions.