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In 1959, the famous CEO of Beck Industries Edmond Beck Sr founded the Nord Machines Outils company, to be headquartered at Lille Hellemmes. In April, 1964, his son Edmond Beck Jr joined the company. Soon the family business would move to Leers, before conquering Paris and finally, Lyon.First in 1976, Nord Machines Outils moved their headquarters to Leers, East Riding of Roubaix City. It wasn’t long before the branch started expanding due to the lack of space for storage.

Vue Paris Machines Outils ancien showroom

Regional Development

In the early 80s, Machines Outils started moving towards Paris. The Secmo company was founded at Villeneuve la Garenne to further this project. At the end of the 80s, Beck Sr agreed to takeover the company of one of his competitors, Azouvi Amato, a firm operating from Bagneux. As both companies were unable to fit on the Bagneux production site, the acquisition turned into a merger and the newly founded Paris Machines Outils company moved out to Aubervilliers in the north-eastern suburbs of Paris.Additionally, a branch called Lyon Machines Outils was also founded at Vaulx-en-Velin (one of the largest suburbs of the city of Lyon) as a way to bridge the gap with clients. This branch moved to Meyzieu (another suburb of Lyon) in 2019.

The 90s and the Transition from Second-Hand to Brand New Supplies

During the 90s, the demand for second-hand (used) machine tools is so high that even buying every possible second-hand machine tools cannot meet the expectations of all clients. This lead to the decision to provide brand new products to clients at a discount. In order to achieve this, the FMO Group opted to rely on economies of scales, i.e. purchasing and delivering large quantities of machines tools within a short period of time.

Nord Machines Outils
Presse plieuse à commande numérique

Opting for Brand New

By 2008, the demand ramps up towards elaborate, CNC ‘customized’ machine tools. The rapid growth of CNC machine tools lead the FMO Group to further develop their partnership with all the manufacturers who did anticipate the shift, meeting other needs in the process.

Restructuring the Organization

In order to further develop the sales of brand new, cutting-edge machine tools, current CEO Virginie Beck initiated a restructuring plan.By downsizing the overall structure of the company, more machine tools can be better showcased in adequate conditions. The total storage and office surface area of the company is over 10K square meters, boasting a permanent stock amounting to more than 600 brand new machine tools such as laser cutting machines, press brake and folding machines, shearing machines, machining centers, etc… This area is used for testing, showing and delivering the machine tools without delay.

Photo showroom batimat
Machine Erbend avec 2 opérateurs

Efficient Staff

Another major improvement was the staff as they were trained and directed to showcase, install and handle customer care. The organization is a licensed training agency, meaning you can have your employees trained within FMO provided your Operating Company (OPCO) allows it. Also, our tech support team regularly attend our partners’ and manufacturers’ training sessions in order to always be up-to-date with the latest developments.

A Business Unit with Consulting Skills

The Sales Teams are kept trained to handle new products and technologies (CNC and softwares). They are committed to help you in your projects by providing you the machine which suit your exact needs best at an affordable cost.

Equipe de France Machines Outils à Meyzieu

Our Promise

To some, the more you pay, the higher the quality. We at France Machines Outils are committed to provide each and everyone of our clients with machine tools at affordable cost, helping you with sound and fair suggestions to make sure your project become true in the best possible conditions while always taking into account your constraints, your needs and your wishes.

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The 3 main showrooms are: Lille, Paris, Lyon