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Des partenaires « Historiques, technologiques et à votre écoute »

France Machines Outils travaille et développe quotidiennement avec ses partenaires fournisseurs pour trouver des solutions adaptées à chaque problématique industrielle. De part notre ancienneté, nous avons noué des partenariats historiques avec plusieurs sociétés reconnues dans le monde entier. Pour pouvoir vous garantir l’offre la plus complète, nous nous efforçons chaque jour de faire évoluer nos gammes de machines-outils en tôlerie et mécanique.


With over 60 years of experience in machine manufacturing, the family business of the DURMAZLAR became one of the five global leaders of the industry. As a reliable business partner, DURMA can meet any kind of need regarding sheet metals. Their ability to identify your needs to work with sheet metal can only be matched with their skills and know-how, not mentioning their flair for technological breakthrough as they dedicate at least 5% of their entire revenue in the R&D Department. A key sample of their success is the recent creation of a tramway track production site aimed at answering the needs of the biggest European cities.

Production Sites (each 150K+ square meters)
Co-workers (incl. 100 in the R&D Department)
Press Brakes, 1K Guillotine Shears and 350 Laser Cutting Machines every Year
Countries Delivered
Registered Patents

DURMA and FMO have been closely collaborating for over 20 years

Our strong will to build bridges in a world where machines and humans collaborate to create a bright future using the latest 4.0 Industry is summed up by our motto: ‘Stronger Together’.


The ERBEND brand is an increasingly reliable alternative in the world of folding machines thanks to their wide range of manual, hydraulic and CNC motorized/servo folders, usually looked by companies for heavy industrial needs. The brand is careful about using the latest technologies regarding motorization while taking into account both the environmental impact and the reliability of their products. The patented firmwares developed by the brand also pave the way in the online industry. Finally, the ERBEND machine tools are well-known for their design, balancing user comfort and the best possible results using a wide variety of features.

Years Producing Machine Tools
Different Models
Partners throughout European Countries

The patented firmwares developed by the brand also pave the way in the online industry.

Finally, the ERBEND machine tools are well-known for their design, balancing user comfort and the best possible results using a wide variety of features.


Metalix is specialized in advanced CAD & CAM solutions for fine metal work.Metalix started contributing to the manufacture of world-class high end fine metal work in 1989, delivering their products to 22K+ corporate clients from over 100 different countries.Their flagship software cncKad™ was designed to drive all sorts of CNC punching or cutting machines. Their lineup also includes modules designed for tube cutting, nesting, 2D bending or folding.The Metalix software suite covers the entire production cycle:Import any 2D or 3D design (if compliant with the standards).Use a wide array of machining technologies for fine metal work.Generate the NC for nearly all available machines.

Users worldwide
Countries using Metalix softwares

The Metalix software is user-friendly, simple to learn, easy to use and localized in over 20 different languages.

The Metalix software is known for meeting with all the expectations. Indeed, Metalix solutions are able to optimize the use of materials and production sessions while fully taking into account the technological limitations of the client.Metalix also frequently update their products to support all the latest technologies in the fine metal sheet industry, thus reinforcing their established leadership.


As one of the leading companies in the production of metal cutting machines, Beka-mak cover bandsawing machines, circular saws and hacksaws for all your needs. The company pioneered the export of industrial machines intended for EU businesses, especially Germany in the early 90s. Since then, the company kept expanding. Their main driver is an innovation mindset which recently lead to the creation of a R&D Department.

Founding year of the family business
22,500 Square meters
Production Area
Engineers and Technicians

A FMO Partner for over 20 years

Whatever your industrial needs may be, Beka-mak is bound to provide you with the most fitting solution.


The ALPHA brand was established by FMO to gather a selected panel of machine tool manufacturers from all over the world. Our technical experts and business units frequently hold audits with these manufacturers in order to make sure they deliver the highest level of quality while allowing for stronger ties within our network of partners for the longest time.

Machines in store
Machine References
Technicians available for demonstrations, training sessions, servicing and customer care service

We at FMO stand behind our products.

They are fully compliant with the applicable standards while we manage both the delivery and maintenance of each machine for the entirety of its lifespan.The FMO Group and our partners are here to both provide you with a world-class range of machine tools and change our series in metal work and mechanics in order to deliver the most comprehensive offer, ever.


Pinacho is a well-known brand among mechanics. This Spanish family business provides a very thorough series of machine tools ranging from the traditional S.S. and S.C. lathes to high end CNC lathes. The company went as far as to create a new brand called JAP for their most accurate machine tools. The goal here is to keep the production running while always thinking ahead. The key words at the heart of the company are Accuracy, Reliability and Quality of Service. In the ever-changing landscape of the industry, this highly resourceful company keeps innovating to always meet the highest standards.

Pinacho machines sold worldwide
30K Square meters
Production Sites
Years of experience

A World-Renowned Brand

The Metosa Group (Pinacho and JAP) might have had a harder time to attain their current international fame if not for their outstanding focus on developing and improving the manufacturing and assembly processes.The group is still expanding into new markets, providing incredible, innovative features with each new product while meeting the needs of each organization by bolstering the innovation and quality required by the industry.


The YSD company is specialized in press brakes and hydraulic shears since 1958. The company experienced a major shift in their development thanks to the help of Belgian company LVD who invested 30% of their revenue in YSD. The technical expertize and knowledge of YSD turned YSD into a global brand represented in over 72 countries (including the EU, the USA and Australia).

Metalforming machines sold worldwide
Technical experts

Meeting the strict standards certification of Europe with ease.

Furthermore, the company put a heavy focus on servicing and customer care, promising each and every customer very short wait to supply spare parts.

Kent USA

KENT USA resulted from a joint-venture with the famous American brand. The company specializes in the production of high end surface grinders. The motto ‘Quality is Essence’ sums up the mindset of this company which value design, quality and service at the core, hence their worldwide reputation.

Years of existence
Countries where they are represented
Exports to the US and Europe

Their current series is comprised of around 100 machines

That are all compliant with the provisions of ISO 9001 Standard since 2006. Such certification proves how big the potential of this company is, considering that the members of their team are all exceptionally skilled and efficiently managed to provide a safe and enjoyable working environment.